High-resolution Fourier light-field microscope

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, extend the performances of Fourier lightfield concept by presenting the high-resolution Fourier light-field microscope (HR-FLM), which allows, among other applications, the fast and volumetric live-cell imaging.

Fourier lightfield microscopes (FLM) have the ability of capturing directly, in a single shot, a collection of orthographic perspective images, all with the same point spread function (PSF). Thus, deconvolution procedures are feasible and easily applicable. The authors of this paper take profit from these facts to go a step further in the limits achievable by of FLM.

To do this, the authors use a microscope objective with the highest NA ever used in FLM. Additionally, the microlens array is set in such a way that the aperture stop is fully covered by only three microlenses. These two facts give rise to perspective images with submicron resolution. Finally, an inverse computational process is implemented to retrieve the volume of the object through a wave-optics based Richardson–Lucy deconvolution of the perspective images and the 3D PSF.

Imaging mitochondria in fixed mammalian cells using HR-FLFM.

Authors show experiments that confirm that this FLM scheme allows to reconstruct the 3D image of sparse samples using a single camera frame, recovering a volume of 70µm x 10µm x 4µm, with lateral resolution of 0,5µm and axial resolution of 1,5 µm.

To conclude, authors anticipate HR-FLFM to offer a promising paradigm for interrogation of complex intracellular biomolecules, organelles, and microenvironments that underlie diverse spatiotemporal regulations of cellular processes and functions.

Commented by Dr. Manuel Martínez

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Need 3D real-time images of your microscopic samples? DOIT 3D Micro is available!

No more need to wait! Finally, DOIT 3D Micro is available! we are manufacturing the first MVP series to be delivered for early adopters. However, we are already accepting purchases on backorder and the units will be delivered in around one month.

We are overwhelmed with the nice feedback from many users. They did not think getting 3D information from their microscopic samples could be that easy and straightforward. Our plenoptic eyepiece is inserted into the ocular port (in the near future also in the trinocular) to replace the observer’s eye and transform that 2D image into a 3D multi perspectives views. This allows the user to get an “Extended Depth of Focus” (EDOF) of the sample immediately without the need for refocusing. Also, it allows seeing orthographic views to resolve angular information.

Doit 3D Micro makes 3D real-time microscopy easy!


Our system is so convenient for many applications. The user does not have to learn difficult processes or do the complex setups of other 3D microscopy techniques. Besides, most of the tools that the user applies habitually can be implemented too while using the DOIT 3D Micro. Another big advantage is sample handling and preparation. Most of the tools that get 3D information from the sample require delicate and long preparations. That increases substantially the risk of failure and therefore a huge waste of time and resources.

Real-time 3D microscope for all

One of the biggest advantages of the Plenoptic Eyepiece is 4D imaging. That means that the user is able to get information in the XYZ axis and also in real-time through the acquisition of videos. This is a huge leap for all those technicians and researchers who have dynamic events happening within their samples at a fast pace. Time-lapse imaging is not enough for them but the lightfield microscope they’ll get by attaching the DOIT 3D Micro will allow seeing the 4 dimensions. Just think about particle tracking velocimetry, neural activities monitoring, live-cell imaging reducing bleaching and phototoxicity, applying forces or chemicals to samples or materials to evaluate their response, etc… every movement within the microscopic sample can be acquired and displayed!

3D microscopy for all

Reach us for more information! We will be very happy to understand which your 3D / 4D imaging needs and evaluate if we can help you by transforming your current microscope into a 3D lightfield microscope implementing the DOIT 3D Micro plenoptic eyepiece.

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BeAble Capital completes early-stage investment round on Doitplenoptic

The opportunities that science will provide to us are endless. Investing in science and knowledge is key to our future. The current COVID19 crisis has demonstrated that the only way of facing challenges is science. We are firm believers in science. We truly believe that knowledge has to be accessible to the society and everyone should be able to get all the benefits out of it.

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