Ángel Tolosa Ruiz

Co-Fonder and CTO
Ángel Tolosa Ruiz
20 Years
+34 651 655 002
Personal Info

Ángel is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of the company. Angel obtained a Physics degree and a Master’s in Phonics, Devices and Applications from the University of Valencia. He is currently finishing his doctorate program. Ángel has been an active collaborator in the Image and 3D visualization of the University of Valencia from 2006 to 2018.

Professional Experience

Ángel has a huge and successful experience in technological project management. He worked for more than 13 years at the Technological Institute of Optics, Color, and Image (AIDO), carrying out technical and development activities and research applied to companies. In 2016 in the Department of Optics, Anatomy and Contactology at the University of Alicante focused on the optical design of a new multifocal scleral contact lens, which is patented. From 2017 he collaborates with the 3D Image and Visualization group dedicated to optical design for comprehensive image capture and projection systems.
Throughout his professional experience, Ángel has worked on more than 20 national and regional projects and three European consortium projects, one of them as technical director.

In the field of technology transfer, he is the author of three patents. In one of them a plenoptic fundus camera is described; in another, a plenoptic corneal surveyor and in another a multifocal scleral contact lens, licensed by Lenticon. He is also the author of various scientific and technical articles in the fields in which he has worked.

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