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Transform any microscope into a 3D microscope

The first plenoptic eyepiece in the market, the DOIT 3D Micro, is a small and manageable device that converts any conventional microscope into a 3D digital imaging microscope when coupled to the ocular port.

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Light field (also known as plenoptic) technology allows to capture image scene from different perspectives to obtain 3D information.
Also, it can be applied to display real 3D images on a screen.
Our first product is a breakthrough in plenoptic imaging. DOIT® patented technology
(Digital Optical Imaging Technology) is a new paradigm for any observation device, providing
them full 3D capabilities. Our first device is a plenoptic eyepiece for 3D microscopy.
Transform any optical microscope in a full 3D microscope!
We aim to democratize the scientific use of light field technology with affordable and high 3D performance products.
Our goal is to make this sophisticated image technology accessible to
society by providing SMART products for clinical, biological and industrial applications.
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3D Microscope Eyepiece
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