Plenoptic camera to get a 3D microscope

Ready to Use

Just insert it in the ocular port... like any eyepiece!

Use your 2D Cam

You can still use your 2D HD camera while using the 3D eyepiece. Get the best 3D & 2D simultaneously!

Live 3D Video-Recording

Because some samples are not still, you get live imaging on your screen while analyzing 3D information

Wide Range Potential

All-in-one solution for different applications and tasks

Use All the Light

Choose which illumination is best for your task and get 3D information

Use It Anywhere

Our plenoptic eyepiece is portable so you can carry it with you effortlessly
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Transform any optical microscope into a full 3D microscope!  The DOIT 3D Micro eyepiece can be used with any microscope equipped with an ocular port, so it is exchangeable and valid for most of the routine microscopes. No matter which brand you are using, if you need 3D information, you get it right away inserting our plenoptic eyepiece!

DOIT 3D Micro Performance
depth of field
refocused planes / sec
field of view
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Other plenoptic designs for microscopy have very low versatility. They require a perfect coupling between the numerical aperture (NA) of the microlenses and the microscope. Thus, each microscope objective can only work with a microlens array specifically designed. This goes against the usual practice in microscopy, in which the microscopist can select among a set of objectives depending on the resolution or field of view needed. Until now, thanks to DOIT®, microscopists get seamless integration working with the objectives in the nosepiece.

3D microscope
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Affordable & Handy

Finally a 3D imaging solution for all! No matter the size and the budget of your business or facility. If you need an affordable turn-key solution to get 3D relevant information, DOIT 3D Micro is for you! Zero complexity, little investment and great results. Get high-quality 3D information from 0,98 microns (based on the native resolution of the microscope where it is coupled): researchers, technology centers, universities, RDI departments of companies, inspection and QC, forensic work, …