Great minds concieve great ideas

After many years of 3D imaging and display research, the 3DDiLab of the University of Valencia came across with a revolutionary idea: a new plenoptic system inspired in a “cybernetic fly-eye” to capture the optical information on every observation device.  What if we could see through an ocular as an insect does? They found the answer:

DOIT ®  Digital Optical Imaging Technology

The link between dreamers & doers

Great ideas and developments need those who believe in science and knowledge as the path for a better world. This is what happened when Ms. Almudena Trigo from BeAble Capital, discovered the work 3DDiLab was developing and recognized its huge potential.

In July 2018, together with Prof. Manuel Martínez Corral, Prof. Genaro Saavedra Tortosa Ángel Tolosa Ruiz, and her partners at the deeptech specialized venture capital, BeAble, they decided to invest in this marvelous technology and founded Doitplenoptic.

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The Roadmap

Our roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.