Universidad Nacional de Colombia

University of Valencia

The University of Valencia (UV) is a university located in the Spanish city of Valencia. It is one of the oldest surviving universities in Spain, and is regarded as one of Spain’s leading academic institutions. The UV was founded in 1499, and currently has around 65,000 students. Our founders Prof. Manuel Martínez Corral and Prof. Genaro Saavedra Tortosa are both Full Professors at the Faculty of Physics – Optics and Science Vision Department and co-direct the 3DDiLab were DOIT® was developed. Doitplenoptic, given its innovative nature, has been recognized as a UV spin-off company.

The UV mission is to train competent professionals at European Professional Standard and to encourage prestigious research with international implications that will contribute to the development of our society. Through training and research, the UV will promote the field of dissemination of science and culture, and also promote the reaffirmation of the democratic values of the society in general, and in the Valencian society in particular.

National University of Colombia

DOIT® technology was partially developed within a collaboration project between the National University of Colombia and the University of Valencia. The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is an autonomous independent entity of superior education linked to the Ministry of National Education of Colombia, with a special and defined regime as a National and Public University. Its goal is the development of professional education and investigation, which will be encouraged by the State allowing access to it and developing it on the same level as sciences and arts to achieve excellence.

Scientific Park of the University of Valencia

The University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) was established in 2009 as a non-profit organisation of general interest, to promote the transfer of knowledge from scientific research into commercial production, and to facilitate and support the genesis and development of innovative business, and activities with a high scientific and technical content. Its founding patrons were the Bancaja Foundation, the Banco Santander, the Valencia Chamber of Commerce and the Valencian Business Confederation, as well as the University of Valencia itself.

The University of Valencia Science Park sits on a plot of 200,000 sq. m. in the municipality of Paterna, integrated into the university campus of Burjassot-Paterna. This ecosystem of innovation has two complementary and differentiated areas: Scientific and Academic Area and Business Area. It is an ideal environment for the generation, development and strengthening of innovative companies, with a scientific and technological base, as well as for the location of scientific-technical companies, based on knowledge and innovation and established in the market.