IRB Barcelona & Doitplenoptic collaboration

IRB Barcelona is “a world-class research center devoted to understanding fundamental questions about human health and disease. Among others, the Institute’s missions include conducting multidisciplinary research of excellence at the unique interface between biology, chemistry, and medicine, providing high-level training in the biomedical sciences to staff, students and visitors, driving innovation through active technology transfer to the benefit of society, and actively participating in an open dialogue with the public through a series of engagement and education activities.”

Doitplenoptic came across this incredible institute thanks to REMOA members during the 2019 SPAOM Meeting in Coimbra. Particularly when we met Julien Colombelli (Head of Advanced Digital Microscopy at IRB) one of the most reputed experts worldwide in advanced optical microscopy.

After explaining to him DOIT’s technology and our will of providing a 3D microscope for all, we were effortlessly on a good path for a collaboration agreement. Julien has this kind of fantastic scientific mindset. Always open to explore, improve, collaborate, and grow.

exceptional scientific results deserve to be transferred to society

Besides Julien’s disposition, technology transfer is key for IRB. As they claim “exceptional scientific results deserve to be transferred to society. With this in mind, IRB Barcelona has devised a proactive strategy to ensure that the discoveries made in its labs are developed into products and technologies that serve the scientific and healthcare communities, as well as society at large.”

These ingredients were the perfect receipt for the collaboration to happen: we agreed with IRB to conduct a pilot test project led by Julien Colombelli.

IRB Barcelona

Institut de Recerca Biomedica - Photo by IRB

This collaboration will help us to get closer to our mission of democratizing 3D microscopy. Julien and the rest of his team will detect any flaws, errors, or imperfections as well as suggest to us final improvements and modifications to deliver the best performance per each application where the 3D lightfield microscopy can make a substantial difference.

This sort of co-creation stage is a great leap for the final stages of development. Having the expert feedback of IRB adds great value both for the product itself and the go-to-market strategy before the official launch. We will understand better the needs of microscopists in different fields (life sciences, industry, clinical,…) looking for a 3D solution to perform their jobs.

Doitplenoptic is studying new proposals of collaboration similar to IRB’s pilot test. If you want to participate and help us bring a 3D microscope for all, drop us a line!

Let’s DOIT 3D!

PS: We also want to thank Tiago Oliveira from IRB who has made everything possible!

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