DOIT 3D Micro

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This is the first plenoptic eyepiece in the market. DOIT 3D Micro is a small and manageable device that converts any conventional microscope into a 3D digital imaging microscope when coupled to the ocular port.

It’s easily inserted and removed from the native eyepiece, so changing from 2D to 3D visual inspection and vice-versa is immediate. As the 3D image is captured instantly, 3D video records are possible. Besides, the DOIT 3D Micro works with any light source (visible and infrared) to which the sensor (CCD or CMOS) is sensitive.

The ease of coupling and removal of the DOIT 3D Micro gives the user a set of advantages that differentiates it from any other competitor.  It can be used with any microscope that has an eyepiece port, so it is exchangeable and valid for different microscopes.

Its unique condition of inserting directly into the eyepiece port without any modification of the microscope allows registering 3D images using the same microscopy techniques equipped in the microscope (fluorescence, darkfield, or phase contrast).

All sample handling accessories, lighting filters, motorized focus systems, and any other optomechanical attachments are directly inherited by the microscope that now produces 3D images.

DOIT 3D Micro’s target is intended to be used in any application requiring that require 3D information with a resolution around 1 micron and above.

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DOIT 3D Micro will be offered in different pre-settings for the most common applications. It can be also customized (both hardware and software) depending on a specific application and customers’ needs.

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