Julennys Castillo Martínez

Business development
10 Years
+34 653 38 23 73
Personal info

Jule is a physicist egressed from the University of Carabobo in Venezuela. She has demonstrated a solid academic record in all her professional career focused on medical physics.  She obtained first place in her promotion and was part of the winning team in the first edition of the corporative Intra-entrepreneurship program of the University of Valencia.
She is finishing a Master’s degree in Creating and Managing Innovative Companies at the University of Valencia.

Her professional experience in the university and different companies motivated her to learn about technology transfer and to transform research results into a business. At Doitplenoptic she is applying all the knowledge acquired during the Master’s degree giving support to the CEO in business development and administration.

Professional experience

Jule has worked as an instructor and research coordinator in the Department of physics at the University and Carabobo. She has worked in the quality department and medical physics in the Oncology Hospital “Miguel Pérez Carreño” and was part of the coordinator team to create the research, technology, development, and innovation department for a company of medical physics services. During her work, she managed to connect the university with these institutions to develop research to solve its problems and needs.

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