Doiplenoptic is formally an innovative SME

The Ministry of Science and Innovation approved the inscription of the company DOITPLENOTIC in the innovative SME register. Since now our company can use the stamp of innovative SME, this stamp has a validity by three years.

What is an innovative SME?

A Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise has R&D intensive activities when it has complied with one of the following circumstances:

  • SME has received public grants for the last three years.
  • SME has proved its innovative character by developing a patent.
  • SME has demonstrated its innovative capacity.

Doitplenoptic innovative capacity

Our goal is to research, develop, scale, produce and commercialize products, processes, services, and procedures related to bidimensional (2D) and tridimensional (3D) optical images with an emphasis on plenoptic images or lightfield through the contract of use license exclusive and exploitation of patent rights and know-how between the University of Valencia, the National University of Colombia and DOITPLENOPTIC.

Since our constitution, the company has received different public grants:

  • CREATEC: the objective of this grant is to promote innovative technology-based entrepreneurship, business diversification, economic growth, and the creation of quality employment in the business ecosystem of the Valencian Community.
  • NEOTEC: the general aim is to finance the start-up of new business projects, which require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from research activity.

We are developing the first plenoptic eyepieces in the market to convert any microscope into 3D microscopes. This eyepiece can be used in different fields like biomedicine and clinical research, aerospace, and automotive industries.

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DOIT 3D Micro – 3D Microscopy for all 

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